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16 Tons Beer Shop kegerator covered in many cool stickers from local breweries, brands and artists

The Beer Shop
at Moke's!


Barley Brown's Pallet Jack IPA $3

Tieton Blueberry Cider $3

pFirem Pilsner $3


Alchemist Heady Topper, Alchemist Focal Banger, Select Great Notion beers

Also check out NewTons next door!

$3 Drafts!
All of our beer and cider on tap is just $3 all day!
We're open til 6pm Thursday & Friday!

Sandwich & Draft just $10 from 3-6pm Thursday and Friday!


NewTons Taphouse & Bottleshop

Next door to Moke's is the legendary beer shop, NewTons. Established in 2010, the beer shop is the hang out for pro brewers, home brewers, beer geeks and anyone who want to indulge in a wide array of flavors.

World Famous

Locally Loved

Craft beer on tap

More than just IPAs!

Rotating taps featuring our favorite breweries: Block 15, de Garde, Barley Brown's, Oakshire, Claim 52, Great Notion, Fort George, Wayfinder, Breakside, Fremont, Ruse, Urban Family, Draper, pFriem, ColdFire, Alesong and more!

16 Tons front door

Close to campus!

We're just a few blocks from the University of Oregon on the corner of 13th & High Street. Bike parking in front and car parking behind our building. Stop by for a pint or two!

Beer from 16 Tons and a sandwich from Moke's Coffee & Kitchen next door

E A T  ! !

Bring in outside food from neighboring restaurants! Krob Krua, Moke's, Bill & Tim's BBQ, High Street Cafe, Mezza Luna Pizza, Toshi's Ramen, Vero, Ta Ra Rin, Cheba Hut and more! Deliveries from Grub Hub, Door Dash, Postmates and others.

"Unpretentious, friendly, knowledgeable staff, very approachable.  Outstanding selection of bottles, eclectic wine and sake selection as well.  …fast accurate service.  …this place is remarkable and much better than it needs to be."

"...Tons is the best beer shop in Eugene, the service here can not be beat.  If you have any questions or want more information about any beer they are always there to help.  They have a bottle selection that is better or compares to any other place in Eugene…  with the lowest prices in town… Shop in the store while your trying to decide what great beer to get!”

“I love the low key atmosphere, and regularly suggest this place as a meeting spot.  My wife loves it here.  Staff is always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I really like that you can taste a beer before deciding to get a pint.”

More reviews:

  • “Some amazing beers on tap and many bottles to choose from.  They even let you bring food and fill up growlers!  Wonderful business model!”

  • “This is a great place to sample the largest variety of beer on tap in town.”

  • “This place is a class act and it’s really growing on me with every newletter and tasting event.  They always have a bunch of interesting brews on tap and the staff is happy to talk about their nuances and let you taste before choosing. Bonus for allowing customers to bring in food from several local joints to enjoy with a pint.  Nice atmosphere and good location, with big windows to watch the world go by.”

  • “I was amazed with the selection – not sprawling, as I’m used to here in the midwest, but focused, and excellent. As a bonus, ...Tons also serves beer on tap – for consumption in the store, in pints, or to take home in growlers. They don’t serve food, but that’s almost a plus, since you can bring in your own food from a handful of excellent nearby restaurants.”

  • “If you’re a beer geek or (like me) you just hang out with a bunch of them, you should become acquainted with the folks at ...Tons as soon as possible. Take your beer snob friends and you’ll be sure to impress them!”

  • “Hands-down my favorite watering hole in Eugene– mainly because it’s not really a bar. They’ve an impressive selection of beers in bottles, but I mainly go to enjoy they’re rotating taps of beers on draft. The folks behind the bar are super-friendly and unpretentious about beer. They’re also passionate about their business. If only other places could be more like ...Tons…”

  • “Favorite beer shop, they even let you bring in your favorite food!”

  • “Best place for beer in Eugene. Hands down. You like beer, you are going to love this place. If you love beer, you have probably already been here.”

  • “There are so many interesting beers on tap in addition to the great bottle selection. PLUS there’s wine, which is pretty much just gilding the lily. The staff are really friendly…”

  • “If you love beer you’re going to love ...Tons!  With more rotating taps then you can count on both hands and a massive bottle selection your taste buds will never be board. The staff is incredibly nice and always helpful. If you have a wine person in your party they have a great wine selection too.”

  • “The best place to buy beer in town, hands down.”

  • “If you like to drink an adventurous selection of beers from around the world, poured by friendly and knowledgeable people, ...Tons is the place! The tap selection is constantly rotating and is very reasonable, and the bottle selection is carefully chosen in a great use of space.”

  • “These guys are contributing wonderful things to the world of beer.  These guys are 100% “the real deal”.  Awesome selection.  Award winning beers.  Stuff you cannot find anywhere else.”

  • “Best selection of beers in town. Awesome staff. Not much else to say. Great place to go for a quick beer.”

  • “These guys know their sh*t.  They consistently go the extra mile to meet the needs of their customers while also (upon request) helpfully pushing the boundaries of their palettes.  As a real beer enthusiast, I am frequently taken aback at the quality of beers they have in store and how they constantly manage to bring in new beers I’ve never heard of. The staff are also not the type of beer geeks to judge or turn their nose up at those who are just entering the world of craft beer.  Far from snobs, these guys are simply interested in sharing good beer. Price-wise, these guys are also the best in town.  Their pint rates are standard, their growler prices are great, but their bottle prices are easily the best in town.  Easily beating out the only other bottle shop in town, as well as the larger grocers that sell craft beer and imports, ...tons is the way to go.”

  • “Great selection of bottles. Always a good variety of beers on tap. Many brews on tap,  that I have never had before and that is always a good thing.”

  • “They have a great location and are one of the few places in downtown Eugene with a parking lot. The prices are great and I’ve easily been able to turn this into my new beer shop.”

  • “Great selection of locals and hard to find items. Decent pricing but what was amazing to me was the place was jammed but I still go great service. Had a nice chat with a guy behind the counter who noticed my Lost Abbey shirt and proceeded to talk about it. Felt very welcoming.”

  • “This is definitely my new favorite beer place in Eugene.”

  • “Great place to relax and have a beer with friends. Great bottle selection very knowledgeable staff.”

  • “A small but very comfortable place to have a few brew with friends.”

  • “Close to ideal bottle shop / taproom. Fun, friendly and professional staff without pretense.”

  • “Went for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised by the extensive selection. also, enjoyed the conversation with the staff – very knowledgeable and helpful! Definitely will be going back again!”

  • “Cool place. Friendly staff. Good prices. Nice selection.”

  • “Great addition to the Eugene beer scene. Lots of taps and an often unbelievably good selection of beers available on them.”

  • “...Tons Tap House is by far one of my favorite tap houses in Oregon. It’s the little place you almost dont want to become too popular, but want the world of success for the owners. The staff are always insanely friendly and helpful in choosing or suggesting beer selections from their 18 taps!! It’s Small, cozy, quiet enough to talk comfortably and enjoy some conversation and great beer.”

  • “Phenomenal selection of ciders and super friendly staff!”

  • “My #1 place to go for a beer in Eugene. …it’s not a traditional bar atmosphere, better suited instead to social drinking and conversation. They don’t serve food, but they encourage you to bring in outside food to go with any one of their beers on draught.”

  • “Awesome selection, great value! A must when in Eugene!”

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